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Changing business trading name?

Changing business trading name?

If a sole trader business operating as a take-away business wishes to change the name of the shop, and there are other changes to the business.

What's involved in terms of the accounts?
What's the impact?
What is the process?

Please advise.


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By slarti
13th Jul 2012 16:42

The bank account name may need to change

When I was a sole trader my back account was Me t/a My Business Name

So if My Business Name were to change, the bank may well wish that changed. Same with the merchant account, if they have one.

But I don't think that HMRC are going to be that worried as it is an ongoing business, but I would ask them.

Oh, the council may wish to be informed to change the name on the business rates and and hygiene certificates relating to the business name may need updating.



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