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Changing customer account name following purchase

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Hi all,

I have a question regarding the renaming of a supplier account, and whether there are any legal requirements that someone could draw me to.

Company A has just bought Company B on 31st May 2018. 

The debts in Company B as at balance sheet transfer date (31st May 2018) have been addressed to Company B and have gone through their records and VAT return.

The trade and assets of company B have been transferred to Company A.

An invoice comes in from a supplier addressed in the name of Company A, however it is noticed that the Customer Account Number is the same as it was when the services were performed for Company B. The provider has simply updated the name on the Company B account rather than creating a brand new account for Company A.

Is there a legal requirement that Company B create a brand new customer account in the name of Company A?


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By johngroganjga
16th Jul 2018 10:43

The law does not concern itself with such trifles. This is simply an internal housekeeping matter for the supplier in question.

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By tom123
16th Jul 2018 10:58

I always keep the same sales ledger account.

I often need the customer history, and I don't want that spread around many sales ledger accounts.

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