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Changing employee pay in Xero

Following their rules doesn't work

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I need to change a director's pay in Xero payroll for April going forward. I followed Xero's instructions to do this, but nothing has changed. I've messaged Xero and they've predicatably cut and pasted instructions I already followed. When I did this procedure I got a warning that the draft payroll had already been set up and that I would need to click on the new salary and wages tab, which is what I've done, about 6 times now. The effective date of change is today. Will it perchance change tomorrow? Or on Friday 13th? Do you think the pay has actually changed, but it just doesn't show on the screen?

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By johnt27
12th Apr 2019 13:17

If you have a draft payroll set up for April Xero doesn't always play ball with changes to salary.

Easiest thing to do is delete the April pay run (if it exists) then go to employee's salary and wages tab and add new salary rate.

Hope this helps.

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