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Changing to partner plan in Xero

I can't get a sensible answer from Xero

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I'm posting here because I know someone will be able to help me. Xero's helpline people certainly can't.

Client currently pays for his standard Xero software.

We want him to move to a partner plan which I will pay for, but he needs to still be able to see past data in his standard plan, and I need to amend that for his 21/22 tax return.

Once he moves to a partner plan is this possible?

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By Michael Beaver
18th May 2022 10:50

As far as I'm aware all that changes is the billing relationship. All the data stays exactly the same and stays available.

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By Slim
18th May 2022 11:14

We've done this in the past and been able to see the prior information.

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By Mr Hankey
18th May 2022 11:18

The partner only plans ex VAT monthly are:

- Ledger, £2, clients can only view reports
- Non-VAT cashbook, £5, clients can reconcile & view reports
- VAT cashbook, £9, clients can reconcile & view reports

All of the above wouldn't allow running of a sales or purchase ledger, but I think both you and the client would still be able to view past transactions in any case.

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By Moonbeam
18th May 2022 11:37

Thank you for your excellent and reliable replies.
I feel a lot more confident proceeding!

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