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Chargeback treatment in SAGE accounting

Chargebacks and SAGE

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I wonder if anyone can help please?  A customer ordered an item from us for £799 on a credit card (VAT £133.16) last year.  The item didn't arrive in store and so our intention was to refund the customer. On our recent merchant invoice from Barclaycard, Barclaycard have, instead, charged back the £799 and debited it from our bank account. Wondering how I should deal with this transaction in Sage please?


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blue sheep
By Nigel Henshaw
18th May 2021 08:58

its a reversal of your sale transaction, post it to sales with a STD vat code or post a credit note and treat as a refund to customer

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By Lizzie D
18th May 2021 09:28


Thank you for replying. That's great.

Kind regards


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