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Charitable donation for a raffle

Charitable donation for a raffle

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Our client, a limited company, wants to donate £x00 which will then be used as prize money in a raffle by a  local group (in which his wife is involved)  to raise money for Cancer Research.  The company will receive some advertising on fliers as a result.

I am concerned that as this is not a direct donation to a registered charity it would not be eligible for tax relief.

If he is charged £00 by the group for advertising, then maybe that would work for my client, but may cause problems for the local group who now have an income?

Any thoughts on the best way to achieve this?

The company does not provide a service that could readily be offered as a prize so this is not an option.


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23rd Jun 2014 12:55

No cash prizes please

or you become subject to regulation. Let business pay for the non-cash prize (directly or via the group). Sorry no tax benefit to the co on the face of it, but well done them anyway...

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