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Charities pay budgets- spreadsheets/software

Interested to hear what's used for calculating pay budgets for charities

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Does anyone have any experience of calculating pay budgets for charities that provide services to people with disabilities?

I work with a charity who provide services to people with disabilities (mixture of residential and non-residential services). For calculating their pay budgets they currently use cumbersome poorly-designed spreadsheets that need a re-think.

Their starting point for their  pay budgeting is to take the Care Packages for individual service users, then calculate the staffing requirements for the person, then cost it up.  

I’d be interested to hear what other people do for pay costing and what spreadsheets/software they use.


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30th Mar 2019 16:36

Excel, but better designed.

Also bear in mind that you are unlikely to get 100% efficiency in staff time (lateness, absence, vacancy) and some parts of the calculation will be based on an employee's total activity, so you will always have to add some margin for error/contingency in your planning and job costing

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