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Charity Account

Charity Accouts compliant with FRS 102 & SORP 15

I have couple of Scottish charity clients, one incorporated and one SCIO. I am looking for software for producing FRS102 & SORP 15 compliant accounts. Any suggestions? 


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By daniel_
20th Jul 2018 12:48

We currently resort to using SAPA for charity accounts.

A cheaper option (not tested yet myself) would be VT Final Accounts along with the charity accounts templates from SORPaid which I've read good reviews of.

If you haven't used VTFA before the learning curve is quite steep, but it's definitely do-able.

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By Pygmy
20th Jul 2018 15:31

I have prepared a set of incorporated charity accounts using Sorpaid FRSE 2015/SORP 2015. I must admit I found it quite a steep learning curve as the Sorpaid software takes no prisoners as regards to how you use it.
Furthermore the Sorpaid template assumes you have a charity that rigorously adheres to all the required governance procedures.

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20th Jul 2018 17:01

I found VT / SORPAid hard work for a one off job a couple of years back. Very thorough though.

The charity commission (E&W) & Co. House then produced some excel templates for small charitable companies which were much easier to work with.

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21st Jul 2018 18:02

Yes, I used the templates from the Charity Commission.

I prepared the accounts using VT and then transferred the figures to the template.

I don't have enough charity fees to justify specialist software so this is a very cost-effective route.

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