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Charity Accounts

When to account for Fundraising Events?

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A charity is running a fundraising event in which you pay a registration fee and you receive a t shirt and entry into the event.  The t shirts have been purchased before year end and some entries have also been received.  The event does not take place until the summer so I think both these items should be shown in the balance sheet at year end and accounted into next years income and expenditure.  Charity accounts is new to me and the SORP does not clearly define how this should be treated.  I think it is an exchange transaction but I wondered if anyone would share their experience?

Thank you in advance.

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By Matrix
27th Jan 2019 14:14

Is it eligible for cash accounting? So, is it a company or not?

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By lionofludesch
27th Jan 2019 15:51

If you're doing accruals accounting, I'd probably put the entry fees and the stock on the balance sheet. Have you still got all the T shirts or have you sent some out ?

But, if possible, I'd recommend you go for a receipts and payments account, as Matrix implies. A lot easier than FRS 102.

Charity accounting isn't all that different in principle. The SORP and FRS 102 are about presentation and disclosure, rather than accounting concepts.

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By Cart
03rd Feb 2019 14:37

Thanks for your help. I will take a look at the receipts and payments on the Charity Commission website.

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Replying to Cart:
By andy.partridge
03rd Feb 2019 22:23

Ah Cart, so it’s you.

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