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Charity Accounts

Subcontractor Required

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We have two sets of charity accounts to produce, but our software (TaxCalc) doesn't yet have a template for charities. One of the team has the expertise to produce these and sign them off - we just need the software to produce them.

We have dabbled with Sorpaid, but the feedback I got was that this isn't very good and is very cumbersome.

Would anybody be interested in sending me a quote to produce these in (say) Iris or some other software please? A full TB etc will be sent over, so I'm not asking for anyone to actually produce the accounts.

Please PM me if you can help.

Thanks very much :)

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By Silvery Waves
25th Sep 2020 12:49

Charity accounts software if notoriously bad. Can't beat Excel.

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Replying to Silvery Waves:
By Paul Crowley
25th Sep 2020 19:53

Problem is restricted funds.
I mix Excel with word

Was a charity trustee. They bought clever software. No help at all

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By williams lester accountants
25th Sep 2020 13:12

We can do it, PM me if interested.

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By WhichTyler
26th Sep 2020 11:30

How big/complex are the charities? For the price (especially if you already use VT0, SorpAid is worth a go. And you can chop it about if you don't like the disclosure and have some excel skills

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