Charity Accounts Prep Software?

Charity Accounts Prep Software?

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I'm looking into buying some accounts software for preparation of statutory Charity accounts and wondered if anybody had any recommendations (or warnings!).


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By anony scot
25th Sep 2013 13:09

Charity Accounts Prep Software?

Hi Would recommend either Digita accounts production or Caseware

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By leicsred
25th Sep 2013 14:34

We use Iris and it does the job admirably. Charity accounts seem to be a lot more complex as they have to balance in totality and in each fund, but I presume that it the same for the other 2 suggestions as well.

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By Paul Scholes
25th Sep 2013 19:02

Iris seconded


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By nigelburge
26th Sep 2013 09:10

I use VT + add-on

and it is very good.

Don't expect any software to do all the work for you: you are going to have to do a lot of research and reading to get up to speed with the Charities Act and SORP requirements.

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