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Charity accounts query

Charity accounts query

When filing online Charity accounts at Companies House, do you use the same template as the Audit Exempt abbreviated accounts?


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18th Apr 2012 15:11

if following the charity SORP - then no such thing as abbreviated accounts.

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By marine
19th Apr 2012 09:37

Okay what do you submit then?

Sorry to be blunt, not prepared any charity accounts for years and even though i didn't want to take on the job they are desperate as they need to be submitted by Saturday.

Many thanks

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19th Apr 2012 10:57

Generally you can't file charity accounts online

You can't file charity accounts online as a rule. Software developers have been exempted from including them in their iXBRL taxonomies and Companies House doesn't offer a template.

You'll need to use the incorporated charity (exempt from scrutiny/independent exam/audit) template from your software provider to generate accounts and then paper file.

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19th Apr 2012 12:50

You file a PDF - Edited

Of the full SORP compliant company accounts.

Frankly you need to

1 tell them they are going to pay a fine, (it is not your fault they are idiots)

2 consider seriously if you can accept this job if you are not up to date with the legislation



Sorry, thinking of HMRC query we had on here a few weeks ago.

You should produce one set of full SORP compliant company accounts which go to Ch Com, Co Hse & if asked for HMRC. Ch Com & HMRC will take a pdf, Co Hse need them in the post or by hand.


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19th Apr 2012 11:51


The PDF is for HMRC, if they require a CT Return, surely? The accounts have to be paper filed with Companies House.

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19th Apr 2012 12:30

Charity Commission...

...are the people the trustees can file a pdf with (as well as paper to Co House), though I'm with Chris on his other two points

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26th Apr 2012 14:12

Sorry yes

One set of accounts

Pdf to Ch Com & HMRC, paper to Co Hse

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