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Charity accounts software

Charity accounts software

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I am involved with a reasonable sized charity whcih is looking to computerise its accounting function. The usual culprits aren't particularly set up for charities so I wondered if anybody could reccomend a package specifically for charities.
Bruce Roberts

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By Accounting WEB
26th Feb 2002 23:02

Charity accounts software
Dear Bruce

We are a Navision Solution Centre based in London and offer solutions for charities.

We have worked for a number of years in this arena and have implemented solutions for a number of very well known not-for-profit organisations, both with Navision and other well-known software products.

With particular experience and knowledge of the charities SORP we can provide solutions that can deal with the complexities of legal requirements, fund management and reporting, together with a whole range of issues spanning membership systems to web-enabled content provision.

I would be happy to discuss this further if you wish. You can contact me at Alcom Systems UK Ltd on 020 8445 7060.

Alan Harte

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By nig24
22nd Feb 2002 23:29

If you contact me on [email protected] I can give you the details of a seminar we are running next month which deals with your problem.
David Bellamy is the guest speaker and it promises to be very good. You may get a lot out of it.

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By AnonymousUser
23rd Feb 2002 00:46

Charity accounts software
Hi Bruce

There are a number of strong players within the voluntary sector. Sage are the leaders with Line 50 and Line 100, followed by Great Plains, Systems Union, Agresso and Navision. There are others but these are arguably the strongest contenders. All of them will meet SORP requirements. They offer good analysis capabilities and restricted/non restricted funds allocation, commitment accounting etc. All of these products have a large user base within the sector.

Companies like Blackbaud have tried in the past to bring in USA based general ledger packages which have perhaps not been 'ideally suited' for the UK market. I would advise extreme caution it you plan to buy a package which is not fully anglicised with a proven track record here. The same is also true of some of the 'specialist' charity packages, usually they do not have the financial clout to weather a storm, they have a relatively low user base and can not afford investment in development. It is my view that increasingly international players are really leading the field and will continue to do so.

If your charity is a member of the Charity Finance Directors group in London , (who are a membership group for finance professionals in the voluntary sector.) You will be able to get more assistance from them, they have special interest groups for Sun and Sage run by their members. Their contact details are Tel: 020 7793 1400, Fax: 020 7793 1600. Charity Finance Directors' Group, Camelford House, 89 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7TP. Their membership base is really useful and do a lot of networking to exchange ideas and information.

From my experience there is absolutely no reason why one of the leading accounting systems will not cope with your requirements.

Over the years I have done a lot of work within the sector both helping organisations objectively select and implement new software, I'd be pleased to help with more information if you want to contact me to discuss you requirements, I should be able to point you towards some resellers to talk with.

I'm sure that you already know that Softworld is happening in Olympia in a couple of weeks that would be a good time to meet some suppliers of these packages.

Drop me an email with your contact details if you want to discuss in more detail or if I can help, otherwise good luck.


[email protected]

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By AnonymousUser
23rd Feb 2002 13:23

Chairty software- a solution
OK,- so I am a bit biased here,- I work for this particular company, but have been involved with charities in the finance function before.

AccountSafe has been designed specifically for charities and not-for-profit organisations. As you say, the usual commercial packages aren't particularly set up for charities,- AccountSafe has been designed SPECIFICALLY for charities.

At the moment, we have a range of charities using AccountSafe, with budgets of upto £8m p.a.

Please get in touch with me at [email protected], or visit our site at for more information.(you can download a demo from here)

Best wishes


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