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Charity Accounts Software

Charity Accounts Software

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Hi, I have recently taken on a new client a limited company(limited by guarantee) which is a charity.I thought I could do this on IRIS but they want £100 for two licences and a £95 fee as well. Given that this is a charity and I am trying to help I am reluctant to pay this amount as I cannot really pass this on. Can anyone advise me on other software providers which can do the charities layouts and the independent examiners reports. Many Thanks.

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By Chris Smail
06th Nov 2013 01:59


Bolts on to VT I believe


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By Bagel
06th Nov 2013 09:58

Other charity acounting software

includes two who specialise in charity / church accounting software (including making Gift Aid claims):


Data Developments

There is also:



and I believe SAGE can be used too (some like it / some don't). 

Sample independent examiner reports can also be cut and pasted from the Charity Commission website - seach for CC32, then go to the Appendices.




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By AqillaAccounting
06th Nov 2013 11:42

Try Aqilla Software

I would recommend you to check Aqilla Cloud Accounting.

We work with a number of charities and not-for-profit organisations. The software is simple, smart and it has got all the features you need. We also offer a discounted price for charities.
Here you can find some more information:

You might be also interested in checking the latest charity case studies:,-reliable-cloud-accounting-solutio/

Let me know if you need some more information.

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By ACIE admin
08th Nov 2013 16:47

Article discussing accounting systems for charities

A relevant article discussing accounting systems for charities by John Tate in Charity Finance magazine, entitled: "Time for a new accounting system?" (3 October 2013) can be found here or here:



The Association of Charity Independent Examiners is a registered charity in England and Wales 1139609 and in Scotland SC039066. ACIE is a registered company limited by guarantee 7461134; registered in England at 4-6 Grimshaw Street, Burnley BB11 2AZ.



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By carnmores
08th Nov 2013 23:05

well the above are interesting

but not sre if you can achieve the statutory result that you want, I suggest you try using the normal Iris template and dump it into word doc or spreadsheet and manipulate accordingly

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By carnmores
09th Nov 2013 17:28


Thanks for fantastic Paxton s link




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By Myshkin
12th Nov 2013 11:26

Aqilla without discount is £50 per user per month - way way out of reach for 99% of charities.


So what discount are we talking about?

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By Hugh Scantlebury
15th Nov 2013 12:57

Aqilla - doing the right thing

Hi all, at Aqilla we strongly believe in doing the right thing. Yes, really! 

We provide reduced subscription rates as standard (we don't wait to be asked)  to ALL registered Charities and Not for Profit organisations. Instead of £50 per user per month for a Pro User, we offer it at £30 per user per month. In addition we provide (again as standard and not just when pressed) a reduced service day rate for implementation consultancy and support.

Whilst we would accept it is not for everyone, if however you are an organisation which needs functionality which goes beyond basic book-keeping (SORP reporting out of the box, restricted and unrestricted funds management, straight forward integration with popular fund raising packages, project costing, Timesheet and Expenses processing or just support for multi currency) then we believe Aqilla to be the best and most cost effective solution available today.

As ever there are no up front licence costs and no annual maintenance charges. We also wish to continue to challenge some of the less than ideal norms in terms of vendor behaviour towards the Not for Profit sector. If you want proof, talk to one of our customers. 

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15th Nov 2013 13:11

£195 is not much to ensure

£195 is not much to ensure the accounts are presented correctly and include the correct disclosures. We use IRIS for our charity clients and would recommend it as it covers both the Scottish and English requirements. Besides you could use it as an opportunity to gain more charity clients?


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By Myshkin
16th Nov 2013 14:31


It's not me that is saying it is way to expensive but the clients.  I have charity clients with a turnover of £40k that have multiple funds, projects and timekeeping and there is no affordable package for them. The best solution I am beginning to find for them is pivot tables on Excel but odd that the best solution is a spreadsheet.



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By SimonH
07th Apr 2014 09:37

Free accounting software for charities and NPO's.

We offer our accounting and payroll software completely free-of-charge to charities and NPO's. It supports Gift Aid and restricted funds but currently don't provide the independent examiner's report, though we'd be happy to look at that with some input from yourself. We offer support at £5+VAT per month, which is a significantly reduced price. Let me know if we can be of any assistance.

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