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Charity VAT exemption for advertising

Does presence at a trade show qualify for VAT exemption as a form of advertising?

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A charity I work with  has entered into a barter agreement in respect of their attendance at a trade show.  The service provider seems to think that the charity can claim VAT exemption on the basis that this is a form of advertising. I'm no so sure.  Any views? The charity is not VAT registered.

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By lionofludesch
25th Feb 2020 18:13

Good luck with that.

Charities seem to think that they have an entitlement to exemption.

Only true if you're selling that Christmas single by the X Factor winner.*

*Something which irks me big style.

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By Les Howard
25th Feb 2020 18:21

Exhibition space is not ‘advertising.’ So not eligible for zero rating.

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Replying to leshoward:
By dbprojects
26th Feb 2020 10:26

That was exactly my understanding, good to have it confirmed.

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By hairyfingers
26th Feb 2020 14:21


For the benefit of future readers 3.8 here confirms the answer above

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