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Chartered and certified accountant salary

The median chartered or certified accountant earns £35,730.

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Noticed in the BBC article it says the median chartered or certified accountant earns £35,730 which seems incredibly low, so looked at data is from the link below and doesn’t really change much depending on which average you choose. The 75th percentile is still only £50k for full time workers.

How does this fair with your experience? Wondering if I need to be more grateful...

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By Richard Grant
23rd Nov 2019 08:42

There are so many variables to take into account, just use this as an indication.
Industry v Practice
Size of business
Promotion prospects
Find someone who is doing well and ask them, then find another person in a different industry and do the same.

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By WhichTyler
23rd Nov 2019 09:51

1 these surveys only cover PAYE type employment, so miss self employed ppl see here

2 it might be dependent on job title. If it's only picking up ppl with accountant in their title (so not finance director, business partner, tax adviser...) It may only be looking at relatively junior staff

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23rd Nov 2019 10:52

This is about right. There is a lot of bovine ordures written on these pages and elsewhere about a typical accountant's salary. Advertise a position for a qualified at £40,000 and you will have no difficulty filling the position.

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By Rgab1947
29th Nov 2019 15:31

Maybe right, maybe not. But if you want to earn big bucks with minimal training (5 weeks), become a train driver - £55k. Courtesy of the Unions who are salivating at a Labour win which will give them a large pay rise on top and running the firm (if not the actual country as under Wilson)

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By [email protected]
29th Nov 2019 17:23

Don't forget that salaries took a blood bath at the begining of the recession -25% in my case.
Also job titles are practically meaningless these days without understanding the substance behind the role.
As always it depends on experience and what the job is actually requiring in terms of responsibility and capability.

But yes those ballpark figures are what's being offerred out there

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