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cheap accounting software which can account for different projects

cheap accounting software which can account for...

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I specialise in working with small charities and social enterprises. Often these types of organisation need to account for different projects or "pots of money" such as different grants but other than that have relatively simple accounting requirements.

I like Quickbooks as this has the capacity to account for different projects using "classes" and "subclasses", sage does similar using departments although I find to be less user friendly. The cost of these software packages has increased in recent years and these software packages are packed with many features often which are not necessary.

There seem to be a number of cheap or free software packages out there (e.g. the VT cashbook, gnucash), but I can't see that these packages have the facility to account for different income streams.

Can anyone recommend cheap software that has the facility to account for different projects?

thanks in advance,


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Man of Kent
By Kent accountant
22nd Oct 2012 12:00


on how complex you want it to be.

If its purely revenue streams then why not use VT and create several income/sales accounts - one for each revenue stream?

If you want to allocate expenditure against the same 'streams' then either create spreadsheets to record this, or do what I would do and use Xero.

Xero has a tracking function, similar to job costing, which would allow you allocate revenue and cost by 'streams'.

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By [email protected]
22nd Oct 2012 12:04

Finance Co-ordinator

Have a look at Data Development's Finance Co-ordinator software. It's only £150 and is written specifically for smaller charities and churches.


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By cbp99
22nd Oct 2012 12:58


has departments.

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Replying to SGALtd:
By Paul Cowham
22nd Oct 2012 13:52

VT departments?

Does it - I've just had a look at the cashbook guide and can't see any reference to departments? (apologies if I've missed something obvious)


PS thanks for all your replies

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By Jane S-D
22nd Oct 2012 13:22

If you want to go for cloud based software then Kashflow can do this.

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By alattax
22nd Oct 2012 13:43

Money manager (from moneysoft) is very flexible with excellent reporting and has a separate list of codes they call marks wich can be used to identify income and expenditure for different projects.

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By SamanthaGore
22nd Oct 2012 14:01

Clearbooks is cloud software with project allocation/reporting options, cost from £9pm


Regards, Samantha

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By suepg
22nd Oct 2012 17:10


Try VT Transaction,

It is designed for accountants rather than Cashbook, which is the free but less adaptable version for small businesses to keep records

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