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Having trawled through the Aweb archives looking for checklists recently, I found one recommendation for 2020 Tax check lists. This comes on a cd and is priced at £380 odd plus VAT. Also included is all manner of stuff that will help me do audits and other work I am not qualified to do and wouldn't want to do.

I can't find any book that addresses this matter - it seems one must pay for an online resource. I note that VT is pretty good at suggesting disclosure requirements for statutory accounts. How do other people cope?


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22nd May 2012 10:53

We use Iris software

It ain't cheap but it has inbuilt compliance.

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By alattax
22nd May 2012 11:04


If you are talking about accounts checklists have a look at surebeck.(

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22nd May 2012 11:12

Tax checklists

Thanks Alantax, I will buy Surebeck for the accounts stuff as it is reasonably priced and is exactly what I was looking for. I couldn't have found it without your help!

I still need a checklist for the tax side of the practice. Any (reasonably priced) options, anyone?

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22nd May 2012 15:23


... great question, I myself have been looking for 'checklists' for a long time - I read 'The Checklist Manifesto' by Atul Gawande which I think highlights the importance of them!

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22nd May 2012 18:09

CCH online

Just in case you're interested in some interaction, rather than a plain checklist, then have a look  at CCH's Interactive Company's Act Disclosure Checklist.  It's software based and after you fill out the tailoring questions for each client, it comes up with the checklist designed just for the client.  In other words you don't have to trawl through pages of "NAs".

We set up a template company with tailoring that covers 90% of our clients and just rename and tweak it for each client.

We have never had to print them out as it's retained in the software and carried forward each year.  The other good thing is that they update it 2-3 times a year and all you do is pull down the updated software.

Can't help you on the tax checklist I'm afraid. Unless you are talking admin type lists you could be talking about thousands of pages, that would need updating for every finance act, statutory instrument or tax case.


Phil - as we have been told at two monitoring visits, Iris is not a disclosure checklist, all it does is provide you with all available boxes for you to decide whether you need them or not, ie by using a checklist. Having said that the empty boxes do at least make you scratch your head an d go and loom it up.


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22nd May 2012 19:14

Thanks Paul!

I like the sound of CCH - will have a look at the weekend.

I take your point about a tax checklist which is absolutely watertight and up to date. I had been fondly hoping there was something slightly less detailed than this around, but common sense tells me you probably couldn't market anything that wasn't belt and braces and that's the reason for the cost.

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22nd May 2012 19:35

Tax return checklist

What are you looking for in a tax checklist?

I can think of a few ideas:

We use Iris for tax return preparation. The majority of income and expense and claim and relief options are laid out in front of us, which helps to ensure completeness. Not sure of the program you use does this?

HMRC tax return guides are useful, we refer to these occasionally

The hmrc toolkits are also pretty good for the main areas, but they don't cover everything yet

We have our own internal checklist that we created, which we improve upon regularly as needed. It seems to do the trick for us (as far as we know :))

I would love an online checklist/guide but like you have failed to find one

Hope this was helpful


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22nd May 2012 20:02

Thanks, D Bowler

Sadly my practice is in the early stages of development and Iris is well beyond my financial reach. I use VT.

I think the idea of using HMRC tax return guides and the toolkits is a good one. It is clear that I've got to set up my own internal checklist as you have.

Just another checklist for me to compile with all the others!!


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23rd May 2012 14:17

Tax return checklist

The only other tax checklist I found besides the 2020 one was from SWAT

It is priced slightly lower than 2020

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By ksalter
28th May 2012 11:42

Tax Checklists

The 2020 Tax Checklists are part of the Tax Tips and Tools product and these are interactive - leave out sections that are not applicable  e.g. in the personal tax checklist you can leave out the section on rentals, or married couples, or children for example. There are PAYE and VAT healthchecks, corporation tax, personal tax and meeting checklists. In addition there are over 100 other tax tools, e.g. incorporation planners, bonus v dividend, IHT calculators, CGT, Maximum NI calculators etc..... for £340 + VAT on first purchase and reduced prices in subsequent years


The SWAT checklists are complementary to the 2020 checklists and not directly comparable.

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28th May 2012 12:30

Tax checklists, guides and toolkits

Come and try what we have on offer - we have created a whole site which is aimed at the smaller practice (although some big firms subscribe too) and competitively priced to provide a Virtual Tax Partner support service for accountants and advisers - see

Give me a ring if you would like to discuss this (see contact details on our site).

Here is a link to recommendations for the site from Aweb readers: I think that pretty much everyone who posted there is still with us, now we are in our third year.

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