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Cheeky CIOT and ATT reminders

Sending reminder emails well before due date

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How very annoying of them to send reminder emails for annual subs well before the due date.  Absolute cheek to hassle me and take up my time like that.

They should remember that they need members more than members need them.  I am certain I'd lose no work at all if I gave up all my memberships.

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By Accountant A
11th Dec 2019 16:44

Not sure how effective that is. If I get a reminder for something weeks away I tend to ignore it! If it was a couple of weeks, I'd probably just think to deal with it there and then.

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By mfbrown185
12th Dec 2019 15:31

Institute of Financial Accountants are the same, renewal due in new year, reminders came every month - most frustrating.

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By The Dullard
12th Dec 2019 16:37

They'll send you a survey to complete next. Just to keep you on your toes!

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By Matrix
12th Dec 2019 16:41

The MTD survey - I have just received this. What do we get back for our subs or do they just take?

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By penelope pitstop
12th Dec 2019 17:02

Look here, stroppy!

These professional association fat cats need enough lolly to pay for afternoon tea and champers at the Ritz.

Why else do you think they exist? Certainly not for running any half decent free tax and accountancy technical seminars!

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By chicken farmer
13th Dec 2019 10:54

Well, Ann, why don't you resign your memberships and see what happens. Of course if you are in practice you'll then have to be supervised by HMRC for anti-money laundering purposes.

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