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Child Benefit Clawback

Child Benefit Clawback

Just thinking ahead to 12/13 Returns.

Where child benefit clawback is relevant, from experience I am certain that getting an accurate figure of payments received from clients could prove troublesome.

Does anyone know where the appropriate figure can be ascertained? e.g. is this something HMRC agent dedicated helpline will have readily available????

Thanks in advance for your help


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By K81
26th Feb 2013 10:41

Is this what you need?

Child benefit is paid -

£20.30 pw for the first child

£13.40 pw for each additional child.



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26th Feb 2013 12:25

You've done ever so well already

You found your way to Aweb. You worked out what button to click to enter a query. Once you'd finished typing your query, you worked out what button to click to post the query.

What you could have done was found your way to HMRC's website and found the link for "Rates and Tables" and clicked on it. Then you might have found the link for "Tax credits, Child Benefit and Guardian's Allowance" and clicked on it, following that with a click on "Child Benefit rates ".

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26th Feb 2013 12:45



Thanks so much george for your smart arse[***] response. How  very funny you are, tears are rolling down my cheeks as i type.


I was thinking more where there have been cancellations in claims, family changes in circumstances, new children where there has been a delay in applications which is not back dated? I dont think it will often be as simple as that.

Do we not have to establish an accurate figure for the purposes of Returns??

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26th Feb 2013 13:06

Aren't there two issues

It's the client's Tax Return, if they give you a figure, you're not obliged to check it.

If you do want to check it, it will be paid into someone's bank account. Ask for the statements.

Sorry for making you cry!

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26th Feb 2013 13:18

so you arent concerned about the accuracy of your clients returns/ tax calculation?

I bet you have as many clients as friends.

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26th Feb 2013 13:36

Maybe a silly question

Are there 52 weeks in a year or is it possible to have more or less depending upon when the payment dates fall? 

I do remember from the distant past that it was possible to have 5 quarters in a year when dealing with ACT.

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26th Feb 2013 13:46

It is possible...

... to have 52 weekly payment dates in a year 365 - (52 x 7) = 1 (2 in a leap year).

The reason for the five ACT quarters is that company's whose year-end didn't fall on one of the standard quarter-end dates had to produce a 5th CT61 to their year-end.

Client's ultimately have to take responsibility for their Returns.  It will be they who will be assessed as to whether or not they've taken reasonable care.  If they need a nursemaid, then you're right; they do need someone other than me.

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26th Feb 2013 14:01

To follow on with another silly question

I have consulted our "in house accountant" known as Mrs K and she informs me we get paid money every 4 weeks.  You can tell who looks after the money in our house.

This makes 13 payments of 4 weeks of Child benefit dropping into our ( I presume it is our ) bank account.  Is it possible to get 12 or 14 payments in a year depending on the payment dates and does everybody get paid on the same date.

I can now see that this is an area where I need to improve my knowledge and I will consult more closely with Mrs K once I have acquired enough knowledge to hold a sensible conversation with her.

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26th Feb 2013 14:14

Well Peter...

... I'm sure if Mrs K was appropriately instructed she could be relied upon to produce an accurate annual figure. Child benefit is paid in respect of Mondays (from the first Monday following entitlement) and is usually paid four-weekly within 7 days of the end of the period of entitlement.

The payment for the four weeks ended yesterday arrived in my "friend's" account today.

For the research hungry practitioner, HMRC have a whole technical manual devoted to the subject just a few clicks away from those I mentioned earlier.

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By ACDWebb
26th Feb 2013 15:05

Of course

for 12/13 you are starting from 7/1/13 not 5/4/12 just to simplify for this year.

Possibly the detail will turn up in the client "Information to help with your return" but given that it may be taxable on the client but claimed by a partner I suspect that willnot happen

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