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Child Protection UK Ltd

Child Protection UK Ltd

This may seem a bit of a weird one, but has anyone had any dealings with this company based in Manchester?

I run a small accountancy practice with a collegue, and we were called by this company last week claiming it to be a courtesy call, thanking us for our support. We assumed this must have related to a donation that we had made to the charity by sponsoring one of our clients for something, which we do from time to time.

At the end of the call, I was put through to the ladys supervisor for feedback on the call, and the supervisor then proceeded to tell me that we had to pay £199 to purchase the charitable books (which they send to schools), although they would do a reduced rate of £150 if I paid by card over the phone. Taken a back by this, I said I didnt have card details on me, and asked them to call back later. I then checked with my business partner to make sure it wasnt something he had agreed to, which he confirmed he hadnt.

Subsequent to this, they have called back several times to try and obtain payment, and were told by both myself and my business partner on two separate ocassions that we were not interested, especially seeing the tactics used to try to get us to part with our money. On the second call, the person we spoke to even confirmed that they werent even a registered charity.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Does anyone know who we should approach to complain if they continue to haress us with phone calls trying to collect payment?



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14th Oct 2008 14:54

well known scam
This is a scam.....well known.

It's basically legalised extortion; they use the exucse of a valid contract to try to force you to pay them several hundred pounds..and the police are not interested.

The 'book/wallplanner/filofax/posters' never appears and the firm threatens court etc...even sending round their own heavies to try to collect the debt.

Lots of reincarnations of the same scam by the same people (all in the NW area..L/pool/Bury/Wilmslow etc],,as the DTI?OFT shuts them down.

Lots about them in the Daily Mirror Sorted column or Mail on Sunday (search for tony hetherington's column].

Don't pay...ever.

Child Protection UK Ltd

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14th Oct 2008 18:17

Scam - Child protection UK
Same here. Have had these calls on and off for over 5 years. I am based in North West. The story has always been the same. The drug awareness booklets we spoke about 6 months ago were now ready and which local schools were they to go to. Just ask for a number you can ring them back on. They either hang up or give a false number. Scumbags.

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By Anonymous
14th Oct 2008 15:50

I had a call a while back
A company rang and claimed my firm had promised to sponsor some books for schools or such like. I said I had no memory of this and asked who they were. She said it must have been one of my partners she spoke to before. When I told her I am a sole practitioner, she hung up.
If you want to give to charity, contact them yourself and pay them direct. This is a scam. I would disagree with Jackie - I don't think it sounds legal at all - ringing you and telling them you have promised to pay for something when you have never heard of them, but maybe Jackie's experience was a bit different to this.

Above in response to question regarding doubtful dealing by Child Protection UK Ltd.

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By Anonymous
14th Oct 2008 19:59

thanks everyone for your comments. Can i ask that you edit your comments to include the words Child Protection UK, even if its just at the bottom.

that way, this page should get high up on the google search engine so as to warn any people who receive a call from these guys in the future and search google for their details.

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By Anonymous
14th Oct 2008 17:01


Boiler room tactics adhering to your more charitable side!

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By Anonymous
14th Oct 2008 13:53

Attempting to obtain money by deception - MLR ?
If you suspect that this company were trying to obtain money by deception then you may feel obliged to make a Money Laudering Reguulations report..

It is unfortunate that the "MML" area (Manchester, Merseyside, Lancashire) has in recent years been home to a number of "Fund raising for charity" companies of doubtful reputation. Sometimes they get closed down and new ones start up, perhaps keeping those employed in a job. In some cases commercial charity fund raising companies promise a guaranteed return to a chosen charity and keep whatever they raise in excess of this guaranteed sum. In one reported instance I think millions were raised and just £40k went to the charity.

The advice re: fund raising and charities is to pay ONLY direct to the charity concerned - NEVER EVER pay to an intermediary.

This follows on from advance fee frauds re: debt collecting and rates reduction scams, again emanating from MML. Also there have been deceptions regarding adverts in emergency service diaries emanating from MML.
At least one of the MML debt collecting firms has been closed down by the relevant authorities.

An indicator of a dodgy trader is non-compliance with the Telphone Preference Service or Fax Preference Service - some MML debt collecting firms seem to think that they're exempt from the Fax Preference Service rules..

When I last investigated some of these dodgy MML companies they had a common factor - using an accountants office address in Preston as registered office.

Perhaps that firm of accountants specialises in such clients ?

Above in response to question regarding doubtful dealing by Child Protection UK Ltd.

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By Anonymous
14th Oct 2008 14:50

Had this a few times recently

i have had this a few times this year (i am based in Birmingham) these calls always seem to be inserting adverts for my practice on wall calendars for some reason? the second time someone called i asked for a purchase order number so i could check it against our system.

that soon got rid of them as they couldn't supply one and has worked a treat since

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14th Oct 2008 14:12

Not only
Another one to watch for is the "girl in African village who needs money to finish her course and get a job to help her family"

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18th Aug 2009 09:13

Child Protection UK
Hi all,

Quick response to these messages....

We have just started a new company called "child protection UK", this is a legitmiate company offering Child Protection Training throughout the UK.

Child Protection UK is a trading name of Social Care Training Ltd and therefore is nothing to do with the scam we have been hearing about above.

We will never cold call a customer, if they say they are from our company please let us know immediately so we can deal with this legally. call us 0845 2994170


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By Anonymous
18th Aug 2009 10:07

Fell for this sort of thing, once...
We were a victim of a scam (from a company based in the North West, too) a couple of years ago, before we were fully up and running.
Man phoned to sell advertising space on a police benevolent fund wall calendars and then a woman phoned back immediately to take payment.
Which, stupidly, we paid.
Realised almost instantly afterwards that it was a scam.
Immediately wrote to them, threatened legal action due to fraud and also threatened to go after the directors personally). They refunded the payment quite promptly after that (but I think we were lucky)

However, once you have fallen for one scam, your details seems to get around and for about 3-4 months afterwards we were inundated with similar calls every week (sometimes several in a week).

Some of them started of along the lines of: "it's Tony/Gary/Paul/etc... " as if we already knew them and then quickly became aggressive if we said that we didn't know who they were. (Some of the calls were made by the same person - or someone who sounded identical) and claiming to be working on behalf of various charities/benevolent funds/societies etc... (all with plausible-sounding names or with names similar to existing charities or organisations)

Sometimes the charity actually did seem to exist. It seems that the charity were to get a small lump sum (which worked out to be a tiny percentage of the revenue that would have been generated).

We used to say that we would only book advertising after seeing a contract in writing (which used to end the call quite rapidly) and eventually, the calls dried up.

As a previous poster said - if you wish to donate to charity etc... do it directly!

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18th Aug 2009 10:17

Child Protection Uk
I agree completely if you are going to donate to charity, make sure it is a charity you know and trust.

Its such a shame that this company is destroying the name "Child Protection Uk"

As i have previously said our company which unfortunately is also based in the North West Uk, Warrington to be precise could be tarnished by the scam....

If anyone does receive a call from this company saying they are from Child Protection Uk and says they are in Warrington then please let us know on 0845 2994170 and we can deal with these people.

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15th Oct 2009 14:17

Child Protection UK LTD

My name is Alix Grant and I am the office manager at Child Protection UK LTD.

 My role at Child Protection UK LTD is to ensure the company runs smoothly and handle any complaints received. We at Child Protection UK LTD would like to shed a little light on some of the post we have found on the internet and clear up any confusion.   Child Protection UK LTD has had one trading address since being incorporated on the 28/01/2005 which is 13 Hyde Road, Denton, Manchester, M34 3AF.

 Child Protection UK LTD has never been associated to, worked with or had dealings with any other company producing or distributing education books.

 All of Child Protection UK LTD’s Directors and management have never been involved in any other business regarding publishing books other than Child Protection UK LTD

 Child Protection UK LTD has never demanded money from sponsors and has never been associated or worked with debt collection agencies or solicitors.

 Child Protection UK LTD has never produced, distributed or had any dealings with wall planners, bullying booklets, child safety booklets.

 Child Protection UK LTD has only ever produced and distributed drug and alcohol books, all of our 4 books have been named “From The Heart”.

 Child Protection UK LTD prides itsself on the quality of our books and constantly updates and adds information.

 Child Protection UK LTD has sent over 500,000 copies of our book to schools across the UK.

 Child Protection UK LTD has received thousands of letters from schools thanking us for producing such a quality and well needed book.

 Child Protection UK LTD has a waiting list of schools wanting to receive extra copies of our book and also supplies books to schools direct.

 50% of Child Protection UK LTD’s books are sponsored by repeat sponsors who value what our campaign is about.

 Child Protection UK LTD is not a charity and has never acted as one

 Child Protection UK LTD is an independent campaign started in 2005 by our managing director due to drug abuse close to herself and all books have been written by our managing director.

 Child Protection UK LTD is aware of other publishers in and around Greater Manchester that have misled our own sponsors into believing they are being contacted by ourselves, and pass any information gathered to our local Trading Standards office.

 Child Protection UK LTD monitors outbound calls for training and quality and logs all calls made by our staff members.  If you wish discus any issues you have please feel free to contact me with the details bellow. Alix Grant Office Manager Child Protection UK LTD Tel: 0161 335 9289 Fax: 0161 336 0991 Email: Web:


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By Anonymous
15th Oct 2009 18:08

Cheers, Alix, for confirming

that the company sounds every bit a complete con and scam, preying on the vulnerabilities of others.  

Your post confirms that everyone need beware and not be fooled into enriching your owner.

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By Anonymous
16th Oct 2009 12:14

For further reading...

 More details on this general scam, and specific mention (dating back to 2005, 2006 and 2008) of "Child Protection UK" in Manchester here:

I remember reading somewhere about how these scams do sometimes result in books being delivered to schools, but that the schools don't want the books, they're low quality, full of inaccuracies and generally useless.

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By PRMan3
03rd Mar 2017 13:07

Looks like they're back again with exactly the same scam eight years later. Be warned!!

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