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Child tax Credit Relief

Child tax Credit Relief

A client has telephoned me to say that she has read (in The Times) that Child Tax Credit Relief will be withdrawn at 31.01.09.

I looked at HMRC's Website, and, predictably, found nothing. She said that the article quoted Forms/ctc.pdf after the Website address. I tried it. It didn't work.

Can anyone cast any "nasturtiums" [remember Hilda Baker] on this,
or is another case of
"they lie to you"?

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19th Jan 2009 22:13

What's in a name ...
In 2001-02 and 2002-03 it WAS a relief. It was called "childrens tax credit", not to be confused with its successor, "child tax credit" which is a social security benefit dressed up as a "relief" in order to get more people to claim it (some of whom have since lived to regret the decision).

Unhelpfully, the article in The Times suggested that childrens tax credit (that is the old one, remember) was not means-tested. I could have done without some of these phone calls in Jan.

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19th Jan 2009 16:26

Child tax Credit
Thanks, Kara (Sutton)

Looking at that link, I realised that it WAS the claims made for the years 2001-02 and 2002-03 only.

I'll admit that the word "Relief" threw me. I DID recognise the phrase Children's Tax Credit. So much for un-necessary words.

I'll thank you more publicly tonight on the Internet Radio: - and I'll tell some more jokes as well as play Gladys Knight to lighten the gloom.

Nice to know there are civilised practitioners out there

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By Anonymous
19th Jan 2009 15:08

CTC Relief
31/1/09 is the deadline to make a claim for 2002/3.

The claim took up a whole page of the 2002/3 tax return so most people who use an accountant will already have claimed it, but you can check with HMRC.

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