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Chiropractor expense for a builder

Chiropractor expense for a builder

I have a sole trader builder who needs regular chiropractor treatment to enable him to continue working.

I have told him that this is not an allowable expense but he has questioned it again after his chiropractor told him that it was fully deductible.

Does the chiropractor know something I don't?



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22nd Jan 2013 10:56

If you have a hat...

... then THIS might be a hook to hang it on, although I am dubious.

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22nd Jan 2013 13:08

Agree with George

in that:

a. it is the best hook on which to hang an argument; but

b. the case does not mean that every builder (and come to that, office worker, driver, pretty much any other worker) can expect to claim tax relief for private medical costs for back problems.

What the chiropractor does know is probably that a case was won (which no doubt got masses of exposure in Chiropractor Weekly or whatever they read). What he or she probably does not know is that that was an exceptional outcome, in the first tier Tribunal, and that there is a mass of case law from the higher courts that says that such an outcome must be seen as exceptional.


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