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Choosing Online Software

Choosing Online Software

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I'm setting up accounts for a non-profit organisation.  They have six different projects per year, each of which are grant funded, as well as the business' core costs.  Each of these projects will have a different budget with different budget headings, which are themselves different to the annual P&L headings.

I am looking for software which will allow me to categorise each transaction first by project (e.g. Summer Festival, flyers) and secondly for the annual summary (e.g. Marketing).

Keeping the cost down is also fairly important.

Any suggestions? Thanks,


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By Charlie Carne
23rd Dec 2015 16:58

QuickBooks Online

You can use QuickBooks Online (QBO) which will allow you to add two sets of tracking codes (Class and Location) to each transaction. You can then run your standard reports (eg P&L, balance sheet, etc.) and filter by either or both of these tracking codes.

BTW just because one code is called 'location', you can use it to track (eg) projects. The main difference between them is that one tracking code (Location) is applied to an entire transaction and the other (Class) can be applied to individual lines within a transaction (eg you can set a different class for each item within a single sales or purchase invoice).

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