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Christmas Teaser

Sent to me for my thoughts

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A fella, who I previously had thought was sensible, never a client of mine but runs a successful business with a dozen employees, sent me this.

"You see a £97 top but you don't have any cash so you borrow £50 from your mum and £50 from your dad = £100.  You buy the top and get £3 change then you decide to give mum £1 and dad £1 and keep the other £1 for yourself.  You now owe mum £49 and dad £49 = £98 and your £1 makes £99.

"Where is the missing £1?"

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By paul.benny
17th Dec 2021 16:45

The apparent puzzle arises from adding assets and liabilities.

The true position is that you have assets comprising the top £97 and cash £1 matched by liabilities of 2x £49.

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By stepurhan
17th Dec 2021 16:47

A classic. So glad to see it is still doing the rounds.

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Replying to stepurhan:
By D V Fields
17th Dec 2021 22:45

Yes I think the original was with thirty shillings…..
But suspect there is an earlier version.

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By Paul Crowley
17th Dec 2021 16:53

It is all to do with plus and minus

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By alialdabawi
17th Dec 2021 17:04

Multiply by a few billion and replace Bank of M&D with those who provided COVID support loans

Suddenly, it was apparently never a puzzle to many...

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By Tax Dragon
17th Dec 2021 17:07

Sorry, who supplied what to whom?

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By Hugh Simpson
17th Dec 2021 17:28

Thinking back to Happy times yesterday.
Is this a Malt Teaser.

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By MattS
17th Dec 2021 18:02

There is no missing £1. Its should be £98 less £1, this being £97 and equal to the top up spend.

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By lionofludesch
17th Dec 2021 18:15

You should've seen the cogs turning in his head when I said that, if she'd not made those £1 repayments, they'd've had an extra £4 between them.

Two £50 loans and £3 cash = £103. As opposed to £99.

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David Winch
By David Winch
17th Dec 2021 18:42

You forgot about recovering the input VAT.

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By Tornado
17th Dec 2021 22:50

There is a great opportunity here to sell the top for, say , £150.00 and make a £53 profit. Assuming the £98 loan is interest free, then there is a good basis for continuing to use that as working capital. Buy and sell one more top, (try for a discount this time on the £97 cost) and after selling that,there will be another opportunity to buy two tops at a discount and so on until by next week, when you are a millionaire, you can start making your own range of tops.

All this on a start up loan of £98.

Just a thought.

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