Churchill and the Taxman

How to avoid tax if you are the first Lord of the Treasury

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Taxation magazine has drawn my attention to this. I thought you might like it too.

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By Paul Crowley
02nd Apr 2024 23:29

When you have friends in high places......

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By FactChecker
03rd Apr 2024 00:41

... including within Sift/Aweb?

Where has this post from MUL been for the last 3 weeks???

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Replying to FactChecker:
By More unearned luck
03rd Apr 2024 11:23

Dunno. Ask Sift.

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Replying to FactChecker:
paddle steamer
03rd Apr 2024 11:41

The post could not be opened until the new tax year but someone slipped up and released it early?

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