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Struggling to find where/how to check PI details

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I received an email Friday afternoon, as I have been chosen for a quality assurance check - I have all the information ready to send. However, the email asks you to login to Mycima and check that your PI details are upto date. For the life in me I cannot find the link to do this. Within MyCima I cannot see where the insurance details are even listed!  I have tried ringing the helpline and the guy who answered didn't even know what professional indemnity insurance was. Not kidding. I have emailed the helpine and also the professional standards but heard nothing back. I simply want the link. The website is too complicated now to find anything useful!

Anyone who can help, much obliged.

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paddle steamer
11th Sep 2023 15:00

Sorry I cannot help, but perhaps your attempt to locate the correct location is part of your compulsory CPD set by CIMA.

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