CIS Deductions

CIS Deductions

I have a client who has come to me with outstanding tax returns for 07/08, 08/09, 09/10 and 10/11. He also included some CIS vouchers he found relating to the 06/07, when he was running a limited company. The CIS vouchers have been made out to him using his own personal card and he believes he hasn't had these deductions allocated to him. What's the easiest way to find out whether they have and if they haven't can he use them against 2007/08 return or make a separate claim for them? Any help would be greatly appreciated in this manic time of the year!


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31st Jan 2012 12:57


I assume he is new to you, so ask HMRC for a copy of the last submitted return ( aasuming its the 07 return), If he has claimed them they will show on there.

If he hasnt shown them send them to HMRC with a claim for repayment, If HMRC have allocated these to the Co they will refuse the claim on that basis.

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By K81
06th Feb 2012 14:35

200/07 out of time limit....

I think that you will also find that the time limit for filing a 2007/08 return was 31 Jan 2012 & any returns for this year filed after this date will not be processed.



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