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CIS deductions in a construction industry chain

How to deal with CIS if you are both contractor and subcontractor

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Lookig for some help please with how to deal with CIS if both contractor and subcontractor. 

I work for a builder who is 20% cis deduction  and he has a contract working for a main contractor on a developement. My builder has a plumber who he is using on this job but plumber has CIS Gross status.

If for example the plumber invoices for £1000 labour - he will get paid the full £1000.(as gross status)

When my builder invoices the main contractor for the services of the plumber and adds a 10% markup, he  invoices for £1100 - however he will only get paid £880.(has 20% cis deduction) - therefore a shortfall of £120 to pay the plumber.  Is this the correct treatment? How do you deal with the shortfall??

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By Sandnickel
27th May 2022 18:53

Increase the price? Apply for gross status? Offset CIS suffered against PAYE if you are operating as a ltd.

You are always going to pay £1000 to the plumber regardless of whether he is gross status or not. CIS is just a cashflow headache so needs to be budgeted for / priced appropriately.

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Replying to Sandnickel:
By Buttons
27th May 2022 19:08

Thank you for your quick response.

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By lionofludesch
27th May 2022 20:08

Agree. It's just a cash flow thing that has to be managed.

It's managed more easily as a company but you didn't ought to be deciding to be a company on that single criterion.

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Replying to lionofludesch:
By MCV71
27th May 2022 22:20

I came across a payroll-only business the other week that for the last few years has been entering CIS deductions off a sole trader on a payroll EPS to offset against subbie tax he himself has deducted off others! She reckons HMRC have always processed it. I don't see how but she wasn't having any of it.
Unless HMRCs own systems can't differentiate?!

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Replying to MCV71:
By Paul Crowley
27th May 2022 22:59

None of us would try because we know it is not allowed.
Do HMRC actually have a reconciliation process? I thought yes because on one particular client they regularly challenge the year end refund claim

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Replying to MCV71:
By DKB-Sheffield
27th May 2022 23:32

I haven't seen this exact case, but I did take on a sole trader in the past who had...

1. Offset CIS suffered against the employer's PAYE/NIC liability (which was accepted on the PAYE account).


2. Claimed the deduction on their SATR (no HMRC amendment).

All corrected eventually (only around £4K in total) BUT the previous adviser had been quite happy to let it ride for a few years. When I asked the former accountant he said... quote/ unquote... "I didn't advise on PAYE, and I did nothing wrong when I entered the claim on the SATR".

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Replying to DKB-Sheffield:
By Paul Crowley
28th May 2022 04:47

On reading it I had considered that possibility, but assumed the offset would be deducted from the claim on the tax return.
Prior agent a bit sloppy in logic checking of wages
I would be mortified if that passed me by even if an employee did the accounts

Much appreciated

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Replying to Paul Crowley:
By Moonbeam
28th May 2022 08:18

There are so many truly dreadful firms out there calling themselves "accountants" that anything is possible

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