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CIS Generic notices

Which client is CIS generic notice email about?

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I have recently received a number of emails about CIS generic notifications along the lines of:

"HMRC has issued one or more Generic notifications. If you access your Construction Industry Scheme notices and reminders through the GOV.UK website:

* Login to  the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) service

* Follow the 'Generic Notifications' link from the Notice summary section on the 'At a glance' page"


I am aware that these notices are currently being issued in error but assuming that one day HMRC may start sending valid emails I would like to ask:

Has anybody got a "Generic notifications" link on their "At a glance" page within the CIS section?

I can find it if I go into an individual client but I'd rather not have to check every single client to find which one has the notice!!  

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By lionofludesch
18th Aug 2016 12:05

Go for "Recent Notices".

But do it within 7 days.

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By jjswjjsw
18th Aug 2016 14:28

They don't show for me under recent notices, I've found I have to go to my CIS client list then go into each client until I find who has received a notice.

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Replying to jjswjjsw:
By lionofludesch
18th Aug 2016 14:34

Sorry - I didn't pick up on it being a CIS notice.

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By Phil Mountjoy
20th Jul 2021 16:50

I queried this on the agent forum and it is going to be discussed with the relevant area, whatever that means.

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