CIS gross status application - evidence required

The application asks for invoices and/or deduction certs but what do they need to show?

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I'm currently completing a gross status application for a client (Ltd Co.).  they pass the turnover test and I've uploaded bank statements, which show £100k turnover, as requested.

Now the application asks for invoices and/or deduction certificates but doesn't say what they need to show.  Is it every one for the last 12 months?  Enough to show £100k turnover? Something else?

The guidance notes don't mention it and I can't find anything in the online help pages.  Of course I'm trying the HMRC CIS helpline but I'm still on hold so thought I'd reach out on here!

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By zxcvb
19th Jun 2024 10:41

Someone answered the helpline!!

Apparently, I need to upload every invoice for the last 12 months. One at a time. All 60 of them.......

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Replying to zxcvb:
By carnmores
19th Jun 2024 12:50

that sounds highly unlikely , call them again

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Replying to carnmores:
By Paul Crowley
19th Jun 2024 15:35

Last time I started messing about with this they wanted a CIS verification number from the contractor that paid him. Yes, something that was not under his control.
A similarly stupid request
I am sure the HMRC make it difficult deliberately

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