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CIS Ltd Company

CIS Ltd Company

Client has not entered correct cis deductions into Moneysoft for 2014-2015. It appears that I will have to do an early year error notification but HMRC guidance seems to imply that I will have to enter all the payroll details into their system and resubmit,

Any way round this.

Most grateful for help.

thanks a lot.


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24th Feb 2016 16:07

As far as I am aware ...

I think that all you need to submit is an EPS, which can still be filed long after 19th April 2015.  On an EPS only YTD figures are reported.  You would need to include correct YTD figures for a Month 12 2014-15 EPS not only for the CIS tax suffered, but also for the other items reported on an EPS, such as recovery of SMP, SPP, etc., but a "CIS Ltd Company" may well not have any of those, so it would just be the CIS tax.  Indeed, the client could do it himself.

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24th Feb 2016 16:47

Thank you Euan

Thank you very much great help.

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