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CIS No payments to subcontractors

CIS No payments to subcontractors

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On the Contractor's monthly return there is an option (Page 4 box 8) ' If you do not anticipate paying subcontractors in the next six months, put X in the box'. The form goes on to say that 'we will not send you a return unnecessarily'

However, when submitting,the electronic acknowledgement does not refer to this request, so there is no confirmation that it has been logged by HMRC.
Thus, we cannot subsequently prove the box was marked, and are open to penalties if it has not been actioned.

The CIS helpline could not confirm either, so how are we to know ? Do we wait for something not to arrive (ie the next ' unneccesary ' monthly return) ? What if they do send a return but this is lost in the post ?

Has anyone come across this before, or am I worrying about nothing ?

Bernard Oppenheim

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Judi Castille senior partner of SP Consultancy LLP Kent, company formations and tax structures
By freelance32
28th Jul 2007 20:36

Same problem
Yes I had that problem too. The email confirming receipt did not mention the nil return. Nor does the View and Print option in History of Returns.

I am also having problems even filing returns. my contractor is on my client list - but every time I try to file - it comes up with an error - after 3 weeks, and screen prints to the on-lone filing help desk - i am no nearere resolving this one!!!!

Its a farce.

Hope that helps - well in knowing your not the only one!

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