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CIS Penalties

CIS Penalties

A relative ( for whom I do not act ) has asked if I can assist with the recent £ 14 k demand received in respect of CIS Return late filing penalties.

They accept that the Returns in question were either missed or late - anyone had any success in appealing against such demands & on what grounds.


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24th Aug 2011 10:32

Have you checked what the penalties are under Schedule 55 FA 09?

Given that you relative accepts that the returns were either missed or late have a look whether the penalties are less under schedule 55 Finance Act 2009. The new penalties are due to start in Oct 2011 but you can ask that HMRC use the new calculations and then opt for the lower of the two.

This is the link explaining what to do.

I used this to reduce £64.2k worth of penalties which would have bankrupted a client to a more manageable £4.4k.



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