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CIS return

Submitting my first CIS monthly return


I'm confused with the Jargon!! filling out my first monthly cis, Total payments made - is that total payment before i have deducted the 20%

Invoice £375 labour - deduction £75 (20%) payment made £300 - which is it?  £300 or £375

Many thanks




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By jcace
23rd Nov 2017 21:58

The amount to enter in the "Total payments" box is the total before any deductions. Where applicable, it will include materials, but will not include VAT, if the subcontractor is VAT registered. So the amount in "Total payments" less the amount in "Materials" should leave you the labour amount on which the CIS deduction is calculated at the appropriate %.

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23rd Nov 2017 21:59

Total payment is the gross amount £375

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23rd Nov 2017 22:13

Thanks :) - he is not vat registered or any material costs, so a straight forward £375 total payment - £75 deduction and actually pay to sub £300

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24th Nov 2017 08:15

I'm guessing you're a scaffolding firm.

Hire of scaffolding counts as materials. Pay for blokes putting it up and taking it down does not.

Just in case it matters.

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