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CIS subcontractors

Is it just me?

Didn't find your answer?

Or does anyone else want to commit mass murder and strangle them all?  On the phone from the 1 March asking when can they put their figures in (even though they've done tax returns for the past 5 years), emailing 5 days after their tax returns have been submitted, asking 'any news yet?' etc etc etc 



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By williams lester accountants
20th Apr 2022 11:01

It's just you. I think you now have all the clients we disposed of over the last few years!!

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Replying to williams lester accountants:
By bigmuggsy
20th Apr 2022 11:55

Ha I think I'll be following your approach

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By Mr Hankey
20th Apr 2022 11:20

Surely you only have one client to deal with, and all you do all day is sit in your arm chair twiddling your thumbs waiting for them to contact you, at which point you spring into action like a super hero?

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By MCV71
20th Apr 2022 11:22

And when you've finished the accounts and return, "My mate got this, why is mine lower?"

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By Paul Crowley
20th Apr 2022 11:51

It is the few not the many
Most subbies I act for are perfectly reasonable and rational

The difficult ones are informed that my ability to instruct HMRC to make tax repayments is limited.
And because HMRC are so disorganised, everytime I call the tax return gets pulled out of the queue during the call and unfortunately then gets returned to the queue as if filed the day that I make the call.
They just do not have the time to put it back in the right place
Better off left in the queue

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Replying to Paul Crowley:
By williams lester accountants
20th Apr 2022 12:34

Never thought of that response, that is really clever!

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By jcurran
20th Apr 2022 12:19

Self Assessment submitted last Wednesday night at 10pm.

Email this morning I haven't received my repayment.

Response it has been 2 working days since submission to HMRC.

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By SXGuy
20th Apr 2022 14:38

Him, Why is my rebate so low, John's accountant got him 4k back.

Me, What did John earn?

Him, No idea.

Oh oh, the best one this year. Was my cis client who's had no work all year and wanted to claim cat food for his office cat as a trading expense. 950 quid. Think the guy needs to get a smaller cat

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Replying to SXGuy:
By Catherine Newman
22nd Apr 2022 10:18

In a similar vein, I got a call from a taxi driver in Cheltenham. Taxi drivers apparently used to be able to sell their plate (known as Grandfather rights) but they are no longer allowed to. He asked if he could claim for the loss of rights. He hasn't ever paid tax due to the capital allowances on the regular change of taxis. To me it would be capital anyway. I asked him what he had lost as he wasn't going to sell the plate anyway. I don't know what "my mate down the pub" is telling drivers.

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Replying to Catherine Newman:
By Hugo Fair
22nd Apr 2022 12:46

FWIW I think you're confusing two distinct things:
* Grandfather Rights is a generic term that refers to the retention of rights previously held, for which a newcomer would have to take further qualification actions in order for the rights to be obtained - whereas someone already with those rights doesn't need to take similar qualification actions.
* Taxi Plates (the licence not the number plate) without which most forms of taxi cannot ply their trade.

If you are no longer allowed to sell that plate then there must be many disgruntled (and impoverished) taxi drivers. Less than 10 years ago I know that a Plate in Dublin would be offered at around £100k on the open market ... and acted as the pension plan for many a driver.

So when you "asked him what he had lost", did you also ask him what he had originally paid for it?

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Replying to Hugo Fair:
By Bobbo
22nd Apr 2022 14:53

Hugo Fair wrote:

If you are no longer allowed to sell that plate then there must be many disgruntled (and impoverished) taxi drivers. Less than 10 years ago I know that a Plate in Dublin would be offered at around £100k on the open market ... and acted as the pension plan for many a driver.

If the Dublin taxi plate market has gone anything like the value of New York City taxi medallions those drivers might need a new pension plan.

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By Hometing
20th Apr 2022 16:28

My main gripes are:

1. Many don't care for tax return accuracy and care only about the refund.

2. The refund figure denotes how good or bad a job you've done.

3. They never anticipate the possibility of actually having a tax bill due to higher income.

4. "My mate got x and I got y, despite being his boss"

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By DKB-Sheffield
20th Apr 2022 23:04

I got both ends of the spectrum last year.

Client 1 rang 6th April 2021 asking when his refund was due to come through. When I asked whether he had the information to send me so I could complete the return, he paused, then answered "Not yet but it's not due yet" followed by "But you haven't answered my question! When do I get my tax back?!"

Client 2 turned up at my door at 9:00pm 28th Jan 2022. He acknowledged that he was late but wondered if I could get his tax return filed. I explained that the return would be filed late as it was due 31 Jan 2021. I'd given up chasing in October 2021 assuming he'd gone elsewhere. Needless to say, the refund was a little light on account of penalties!

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By Potted Harry
21st Apr 2022 10:09

Other year I had EU nationality CIS client, first year self employed. I`ve done his return within first days of April, tax was paid back only in July/ August, as HMRC were doing checks. Never came back to me. Some of them think, that repayment is already waiting before return is even submitted. But luckily I dont have many of them.

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