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CIS suffered repayment

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has somebody heard about fill form called 'Claim refund of CIS deductions' if you are limited company' instead of submit EPS ?

Which one will be faster way to get repayment ?

Thank you :)

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By lionofludesch
09th Oct 2019 09:04

Yes - but it's not an alternative to an EPS.

You tell HMRC how much you've suffered on monthly EPSs and you can claim back the excess - if any - at the end of the year.

If you're looking for monthly repayments, afraid you're out of luck.

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Replying to lionofludesch:
By LadySussex
09th Oct 2019 09:30

The thing is that previous accountant submitted the form forgetting to submit EPS. And my client is waiting lighly for repayment ... But it's not gonna be happen. What I need to do is submit oustanding EPS, am I right ?

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Replying to LadySussex:
By jcace
09th Oct 2019 10:02

If an EPS hasn't been submitted reporting the CIS suffered, then that needs to be done for the relevant tax year.

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By Goffey
09th Oct 2019 09:18

I too am having trouble obtaining a refund of CIS for a limited company. Although I have written in, submitted the EPS, telephoned CT and PAYE/Employers Helpline, am getting more and more frustrated about this. The last telephone call I put in, they promised to 'fast-track it' which brought forward the working time to 6 weeks! HMRC have subsequently sent the CT debt to debt managment, event though they are holding an excessive amount of CIS.

If anyone here has any magic remedies I would be grateful.

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Replying to Goffey:
By SteLacca
09th Oct 2019 10:07

Speak to debt management with full details. I've done similar for one client and DM are holding back.

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By rjkaccounts
09th Oct 2019 10:03

I've been using the claim online form for quite a while now and it seems to work quite well (surprisingly for HMRC) but they still take forever to pay out

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