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CIS & Telecommunications

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I Wonder if anyone can help me...I have a telecommunications company and we pull in fibre cables through BT exsiting ducts also do some splicing aswell as overhead stuff. Do i come under the CIS as i can only see  CIS340 installation or replacement of telecommunication cable television and computer wiring through telecommunications pre­existing ducting in buildings. i can not see to find anything about external ie Underground.

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By D V Fields
17th Dec 2021 23:12

Am sure you’ve started with the following guidance:

Your query sounds specific and would require any respondent, unless encountered an exact match, only be able to offer an opinion; or need to fully understand the business.

If the guidance from HMRC does not appear to satisfactorily answer your concerns then I would suggest you contact them (HMRC) directly and specifically.

Good luck.

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