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CITB levy

CITB levy

A client has completed the return and recieved a bill. on querying it with the CITB they explained the contractor can recover some/all from its subbies. Is this right and where can i read up on this?

Are these annual returns? i hear they are issued randomly which seems unfair when there are financial consequences attached?


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By Anonymous
20th Aug 2008 10:27

Booklets - I Don't Think They Are Available Online
If you call ConstructionSkills - per Helen's link to website below - they will post you the all-illuminating brochures named appropriately:

"CITB - ConstructionSkills 2008 Levy Return Guidance Notes"; and
"A Construction Industry's guide to Federations, Associations and Professional Institutions".

I've often wondered about the haphazard practice of deducting the levy from one's sub-contractors - for a start there's a registration threshold of (from memory, so don't rely on the exact figure) around £76,000 annual wages bill (which I believe relates to aggregated employees' and sub-contractors' wages). I recently heard from a sparkie with only one employee that his contractor "recovered" CITB levy from him, even though his (trhe sparkie's) wages bill was way short of the CITB registration threshold.

btw the returns appear to be issued randomly Simon because the ConstructionSkills people cannot keep up with enforcing registration - a lot of contractors will walk away from their companies and simply start another the moment the CITB catch up with them. Given this is a compulsory statutory levy, I'm surprised Gordon hasn't given the CITB teeth by making non-registration a hanging offence, but I expect he's too busy dealing with the recession from his hotel-room in Bejing.

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19th Aug 2008 16:55

Try website

As a contractor you have to pay the levy based on an annual return, which requires, in the main, turnover details and staff cost details.

If the subbie pays their levy then the main contractor shouldn't deduct a charge (although this is not unheard of but can be reclaimed from the MC).

I don't know the system to deduct from subbies as we don't (acting as the 'middle man' subcontractor) but I'm sure the website will help.

If your client ends up paying the levy you can claim grants for training etc; we actually claim back more in grants than we pay in levy (plus supplement of 25% for prompt payment of levy). Just ensure paperwork is in order and training is carried out - then everyone wins.

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