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CJRS and auto-enrolment

to enrol or not

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Client took an employee on on short term contract in Jan, postponed auto-enroling them as there were only staying until end of March.  With all this they were furloughed before and we're now claiming for that salary.

However, they should now be auto-enrolled, but if we do that, claim the amounts and then they opt out, we've claimed for money that will never be paid.  Do we:

1. Auto-enrol, claim the pension payments, then do an adjustment if they opt out?

2. Not auto-enrol, they won't be staying on after this is all over.  Not technically correct, but saves everyone a heap of admin in these busy times, including NEST sending out the paperwork!

Any opinions appreciated.



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By ry4n
21st Apr 2020 13:38

If you have to auto-enrol, there's no way out of it. You'll just have to hope the guidance is updated at a future date to deal with opt-outs.

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