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CJRS and SEISS webinar

Post questions for Kate Upcraft and Emma Rawson for the latest Coronavirus Response Q&A

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Apologies in advance for the barefaced advertorial post. Tomorrow morning at 9am we are running a webinar on the revised CJRS and SEISS changes. Joining us to answer your question on either scheme will be Kate Upcraft (read her excellent CJRS article here) and the ATT's Emma Rawson. 

You can register for the webinar here:

Before then, post your furlough and SEISS questions and we'll put them to Kate and Emma tomorrow morning.  

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By Matrix
03rd Jun 2020 08:06

I thought the rules weren’t coming out until 12 June so what can they tell us? Wouldn’t we just be guessing how to calculate the part time furlough?

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By Moonbeam
03rd Jun 2020 13:19

I agree with Matrix. What we really need to see is the details. Even after they publish them they'll change them surreptiously later, so I suggest waiting until say 20th June.

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By coops456
03rd Jun 2020 14:49

Another excellent webinar, these are well worth attending. Thanks AWeb!

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