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CJRS and 'Take part in training' meaning?

Does 'take part in training' mean just receive training or does it include giving it also?

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I'm referring to the guidance here  and the phrase 'Take part in training'. I've also Googled but not found anything to help.

We have an engineering client who ran out of paid work so has had one senior employee training a junior employee full time since 8th June, zero other work has been undertaken by either employee.

The training is at the engineering premises as it involves using machinery and software.

The person receiving the training can be furloughed as I am not aware of any reference to the training needing to be off the premises, is that correct?

What about the senior employee providing the training? They are 'taking part in training' and the phrase doesn't differentiate between tutor and student, so they can be treated as furloughed also? 

If you have infornation to confirm or dispute the above, please could you provide the hyperlink in your reply.

Thank you. 

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By Paul Crowley
29th Jun 2020 12:38

I would strongly defend that trainer was learning how to train. Trainees questions help the trainer how to train

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By fawltybasil2575
29th Jun 2020 13:13

@ newmoon (OP).

This is a link to the Treasury Directions relevant to “CJRS1” (ie the original furlough scheme re 1 March 2020 to 30 June 2020).

Please scroll down to 6.8 [and specifically 6.8(a)(ii) re the tutor].

The words “Study or training undertaken”, in those Directions, are sufficiently “neutral”, to cover both “tutor” and “student”. Likewise, the words in the guidance (to which you have provided a link in your question) of “any work for you other than training” and “take part in training” are similarly neutral, so as to cover both “tutor” and student”.

Realistically also, frequently the “student” employee is best trained by another employee (clearly, this applies in your client’s case).

Neither the legislation nor guidance include any stipulation re the location of the training (nor would there be any logic in their doing so).

I have no reservations in stating that your client’s case fully complies with the legislation, in “substance and form”; and in spirit, too.

I am assuming that the subsections 6.8 (b) and 6.8(c) are NOT relevant: but please check that NEITHER is relevant (potential “banana skins”).


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By newmoon
29th Jun 2020 14:37

Paul and Basil
Thank you very much, both replies really helpful and positive too, much appreciated.

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Replying to newmoon:
By Paul Crowley
29th Jun 2020 14:39

Absolute pleasure

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