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CJRS claim corrections

A new question has appeared

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I may be late to the party here, but a new step has appeared in the form you complete while submitting your CJRS claim online through the Portal.

It asks "Is the employer claiming less money in this claim because they claimed too much before?"

So we can now make corrections to claims? But only for overclaims, it would appear?

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By bettybobbymeggie
05th Jun 2020 16:48

For what its worth - I've been making corrections as I go. But interesting that they felt the need to add this question to the claim process. What it adds is anyone's guess.

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Replying to bettybobbymeggie:
By lionofludesch
05th Jun 2020 16:57

bettybobbymeggie wrote:

For what its worth - I've been making corrections as I go. But interesting that they felt the need to add this question to the claim process. What it adds is anyone's guess.

Well, obviously, the deal starts to change soon, so it won't be so simple as it has been to make changes.

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A Putey FACA
By Arthur Putey
05th Jun 2020 16:52

The latest version of the guidance says:
"You can now tell us about an over-claimed amount as part of your next claim. You will be asked when making your claim whether you need to adjust the amount down to take account of a previous error."

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By markmorley
05th Jun 2020 17:01

Hi you can call the corona technical line, and ask for second-line support explaining you need to correct an earlier claim. I was told that their not too busy, not surprising as its not too well known, and that they cant change an original claim, you give them the effect of changes and they process that as a parallel claim for that period that they can do their end. they'll then give you a reference for the correction. Given i saw 40% of claims didn't include ers or pension .maybe they should be busy or someone will be dusting off PI policies!

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Replying to markmorley:
By Southwestbeancounter
05th Jun 2020 17:51

I presumed that they were at least working through the night as I'm still waiting for my 72 hour call back!

It's been 45 days now and yes I AM counting!!

The AAM hasn't got anywhere with it over the last two weeks and Mr Harra appears to be too busy!

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By Southwestbeancounter
05th Jun 2020 17:52

Thanks for the update Pandora - that might help us immensely!

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By New To Accountancy
05th Jun 2020 18:51

You may have all just received this through on agent email :

Making changes to your claims if you have over-claimed

If you’ve made an error in a CJRS claim that means you received too much money, you must pay this back to HMRC.

We’ve updated the application system so you can tell us if you have over-claimed in a previous claim – when you apply you’ll be asked if you need to reduce the amount to take account of a previous error. Your new claim amount will be reduced to reflect this. You should then keep a record of this adjustment for six years.

If you have made an error in a CJRS claim and do not plan to submit further claims, we are working on a process that will allow you to let us know about your error and pay back any amounts that you have over-claimed. We will update guidance and keep you informed when this is available.

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By fawltybasil2575
05th Jun 2020 20:04

Please be aware that if you under-claimed for April 2020 by (say) £1,000 and adjusted this on the May 2020 claim (which was otherwise correct) then your NEXT claim MUST reduced by £1,000 re the INCORRECT May 2020 claim (since that May 2020 claim was incorrect, simply because you were NOT ALLOWED to adjust the May 2020 claim for the under-claim re April 2020).

The above is the correct legal position, as the previous GOV.UK guidance from the outset has been that one should make NO over-claim OR under-claim adjustments on later claims (until one received later instructions). I have been somewhat surprised that many people have adjusted later claims, for errors on earlier claims, when they were AWARE that such treatment was CONTRARY TO the guidance.

To restore balance, I am compelled to say that the new HMRC instructions, as referred to by the OP above, in requiring one to DEDUCT over-claims from current claims (so as to effectively "correct the past") would only be reasonable if there was a corresponding requirement to ADD past under-claims to current claims: the absence of that corresponding requirement represents a "double standards" Government philosophy which is patently unacceptable.


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06th Jun 2020 19:43

Typical that no mention is made of any errors involving UNDER claims like I have done on one. Cant wait to grab the money back but no so keen to give it back.
I have hated the draconian rules and regs we have been working under since March. Goalposts shifting all the time. The whole process of calculating figures.
Do you know - I shall own up - I havent the first clue in a couple of my variables whether it is correct or not. I have just worked it on the basis of "doing my best". Most of us have a portfolio of clients - not just one & variables with a lot of employees hasnt been easy. God help us when part time is factored in.

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