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CJRS claim - multiple payrolls

Single or separate CJRS claims for monthly and 4 weekly payrolls?

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Hi, several of my clients have more than one payroll period - eg monthly, 4 weekly etc.  Can these be claimed for in a single submission or should each payroll period be claimed for separately?  I was planning to include pro rata March for all employees, 4 weekly payroll to 19/04 and monthly (in advance) to 30/04 in a single claim. Can't get through to HMRC to ask the question so was wondering if any one else had dealt with this?

Many thanks

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By jcace
20th Apr 2020 15:11

You can only make one claim for any given period with no subsequent claim being allowed to overlap with any previous claim. So if you claim for (say) 16 March to 30 April, any subsequent claim period has to be from 1 May at the earliest.
Here's what the guidance says:
"You cannot make more than one claim during a claim period - you should make your claim shortly before or during running payroll.
You must claim for all employees in each period at one time – you cannot make changes to your claim.
You can make your claim in anticipation of an imminent payroll run, at the point you run your payroll or after you have run your payroll ."

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By andrewdiver
21st Apr 2020 16:50

We have the same issue. Did you get a response from HMRC Justine?

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23rd Apr 2020 10:39

Any update on this as I can see the next problem will be that you've submitted a claim for the period to 30/4/20 so what will happen if the furloughed staff all return to work on 1/5/20 then you would still need to claim for the 4 weekly's covering 20/4/20 to 30/4/20 but HMRC would not allow another claim to 30/4/20 as one's already been submitted?

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