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CJRS correction of claim error

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Client made a few errors on the initial CJRS claim (a slight misunderstanding of the rules) which meant they underclaimed. They contacted HMRC who confirmed, as we know, that it cannot be amended through the next claim. However they went on to explain how to make an error claim, sent a template, called back exactly when they said they would and all in all were very proactive and helpful so hats off to them.

The bizarre bit was that they insisted on taking details of 15 employees over the phone but the rest had to be submitted on an Excel template. They wouldn't accept the whole lot on the template. Bit weird.

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By jcace
21st May 2020 21:46

Yes, I've experienced similar.

15 employees is all they can deal with, apparently, over the phone and that's to cross check against the original claim. However, if the number of furloughed employees is greater than that then yes, the details have to be submitted in Excel via DropBox, and in more detail than in the original claim.

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