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CJRS error, trying to repay HMRC

Accidentally claimed the NI in April, but client had no further claims to adjust.

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As there have been no claims after April to allow us to adjust for the error, I'm concerned about the deadline for reporting and repaying this error. It's £30.00, so not a huge amount, but obviously I want to square it away before my client starts getting snotty letters.  Apparently, according to this link:

I can "get a payment reference number and pay HMRC within 30 days" which is great in theory, but clicking the link brings me into my Agent PAYE screen and I can't seem to find anywhere that will generate the payment reference. Has anyone managed to find a way to get a repayment to HMRC without having to sit on the phone for hours? 



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Replying to Sarah Z:
By Cheshire
21st Sep 2020 17:00

That's the same link the OP provided.

OP, daft question, but did you then log in to your agent account as the link should then have taken you straight through?

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Replying to Cheshire:
By gigagirl
21st Sep 2020 17:34

It just took me into the PAYE Gateway, not to a specific area. But I've found what I need now, you have to go in as if you're starting a new claim, then it lets you report the error.
Thanks for the reply though. I've been googling all afternoon and getting nowhere.

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By gigagirl
21st Sep 2020 17:32

Just in case anyone is having trouble with this, I've managed to find out how to do it.
You do indeed go through your Gateway and into the Job Retention Scheme Claim screen. Once you've confirmed the client you want to make a new claim for - it then asks whether you want to report an overclaim. Which I've now done. All worked well.

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