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CJRS - EU staff awaiting NI number

EU Staff applied for NI number but yet to receive them

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I have a payroll where 8 employees are EU nationals who all applied for NI numbers in March 2020. At present they have no NI numbers issued and I can't complete a claim online for the Job Retention scheme as the NI number is a compulsory box and has a certain format ( xx nn nn nn x)

I have tried contacting HMRC who will get back within 48hrs (they said that yesterday too, and the result was along the lines of "sorry we cant help you")

Does anyone here have a similar issue and have they found a workaround?

Can I just use TN 00 00 00 M/F?    - TN = Temporary Number, 00 00 00 = Date of birth and then either M or F for sex

If I can't claim for these employees, they will not be paid, as we are closed, with no income at all and they have done no work this month. If I can't sort this today, again they are unlikely to be paid, as the payroll needs to be with the bank by Wednesday 3pm in order for everyone else to be paid on time.

Any help from you guys would be appreciated.

Thank you

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By SXGuy
21st Apr 2020 09:19

I thought EU nationals were given a temporary number until the proper one comes through? maybe im dreaming, either way, why not ask them to call DWP and chase?

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Replying to SXGuy:
By DerekChaplin
22nd Apr 2020 09:49

Hi SX Guy - they have contacted DWP - they've been told it'll be July before they are issued proper NI numbers as the DWP are busy right now.
The only thing they have is a reference number from their application. This is not in the format required by the box on HMRC JRS form so will be rejected.
So far I can put in AA 00 00 00 A for 1 employee - it recognizes the fact that this has already been used for a second employee, so can't be used for all of them.
It has now been 48 hrs since my call to HMRC and I'm still waiting for them to get back to me, as I need to sort this out ASAP.

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By Ingrid18
22nd Apr 2020 14:05

I am also expecting a call back from HMRC on the same issue.

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By jonibarnes
22nd Apr 2020 16:05

please let us know if they come up with a solution

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By Matrix
22nd Apr 2020 16:13

What did you put on the submitted RTI for the NI number for these employees?

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Replying to Matrix:
By DerekChaplin
22nd Apr 2020 22:26

Hi Matrix - the usual temporary NI number from Sage - No leading letters, their DoB in 6 digit format, followed by M or F for Male/Female.
I did try putting that in the box - no joy.
Also tried TN as a prefix, again, no joy.
AA 00 00 00 A worked, but HMRC Tier 2 stff discouraged that idea as could get very messy if lots of staff around country have same NI number.
Now heading past 60hrs from original request, with 48 hrs expected, so still awaiting a reply from HMRC.

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By DerekChaplin
29th Jun 2020 10:56

The final answer from HMRC on this was you need to call them to setup a claim via dropbox. You give HMRC the details of 15 employees, including the ones without NI numbers and they set the claim up, you can then upload the rest.
None of the variations of NI number I was originally given by a level 3 operative should have been issued to the outside world! They were effectively what HMRC would use themselves to get around the issue, but as they didn't comply with general NI number format, they wouldn't get through the online checks. Hence you have to call HMRC for each claim.

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