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Who is looking forward to end September

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The end of September has been in my head for months. The promised end of Furlough. I think its a case of "dream on". On one of the most beautiful days of the yesr the Government minister said this morning " Don't rule out an October firebreak". And what would that mean - probably a short return to Furlough involving more complicated calculations for a short period. If its only for a couple of weeks its even worse than a whole month or more. And more starters will be trawled in. I know I am "glass half empty" on this but I have hated it so much on ZERO hours employees that the thought of a resurgence throughout the winter does little for me. And even for salaried working out days v pay over a split month is so time consumimg. We were told no more "lockdowns". I expect they will be renamed "Firebreakers". Same meat different gravy. Please - you out there - tell me I'm being stupid but throughout all this we have been "drip fed" in preparation for things that happen.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
07th Sep 2021 11:44

meh, government are just winging it.

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By bluebaron
07th Sep 2021 12:44

I detest furlough, and feel it should have ended a couple of months ago. I just have this horrible feeling too, that furlough could suddenly be extended. I hope I'm wrong!

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Lisa Thomas
By Lisa Thomas - Insolvency Practitioner
07th Sep 2021 14:06

I don't think it will be extended. They need to draw a line under it and start to recoop as much as they can.

The Banks are already lined up to go into full recovery mode in October.

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Replying to Insolvency Practitioner:
By Hugo Fair
07th Sep 2021 18:12

And HMRC are setting (unofficial) internal targets for the total amount of claims already paid out but that they want repaid.

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By lionofludesch
08th Sep 2021 07:52

Stop wishing your life away.

The end of September will be here soon enough.

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