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CJRS Grant - payment received

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I did a claim for a Client last Monday 20th April, the grant has been received into their bank account today.

I did not get any phone calls from HMRC to make checks.  The amount was for £7k.

Just letting everyone know that the Grant's are coming through :)

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By Open all hours
27th Apr 2020 10:23

Please to report the same.

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By lynne1000
27th Apr 2020 10:26

The same here too

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By lionofludesch
27th Apr 2020 10:27

Mine's arrived.

I'll check with clients later.

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By Cheshire
27th Apr 2020 10:49

Claim portal stated 10 days. Also stated claim by 22nd latest to get it by month end.

Some of the technical team have clearly been working over the weekend as well - I had 2 answers on Sunday. (It is Monday today isnt it? Lost track!)

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By alfredpennypinch
27th Apr 2020 11:08

Claims made last Tuesday, all hitting the bank tomorrow. No phone calls checking on them, either.

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By susieq
27th Apr 2020 12:14

I've had one client report receiving the cash today. Was a bit worried having put the bank post code in rather than the client address post code (as others on here have also done) but didn't seem to cause a problem with that client. Only small claims so far.

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By Luke
27th Apr 2020 12:54

Where I can check the bank easily, the claims made on Monday are now in the bank here too.

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By claudialowe
27th Apr 2020 14:52

All my claims submitted last Monday have hit bank accounts, and no questions on any of them. Largest one though was only just into 5 figures.

Again, I have to admit that I am impressed with what HMRC has managed to achieve in 4 weeks.

I hope this bodes well for the self employed claims............................?

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By mjshort
27th Apr 2020 17:30

Telephone check.
I had a telephone check today from HMRC which just checked the basic information (Utr, company name etc), nothing about individual employees. At the end of the call they said they were going to pay the money.

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