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CJRS - June/July employees paid in arrears

Can anyone confirm my understanding?

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Apologies if this has already been answered elsewhere, but I have a query (and i'm not a payroll expert, but am assisting processing CJRS claims)

I've got some clients who have employees paid weekly and monthy.   The weekly staff are paid a week in arrears. I know the CJRS is based on pay periods - should I be looking at the pay DATE or the periods the pay date relates to?

We are currently processing weekly payslips with a 3 July date - however this is for hours worked up to 26th June.  

I was therefore under the impression that I cannot submit my claim for June until the 10th July payslip? - or am i getting this wrong?

It didn't matter before this month as we could decide when to do the submission for the month, but now we have a specific cutoff date it's more relevant.

Thanks in advance!


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By confuseddotcom
29th Jun 2020 14:41

As I understand it, you can submit your claim up to 14 days before the pay date. So for payslips dated 3 July, you can submit the claim any time after 19 June. So you can claim for the hours worked in the week ended 26 June now and pay out on 3 July.

Hope this helps.

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By Paul Crowley
29th Jun 2020 15:39

Great big can of worms
See any answers live with ATT lady, Helen if I remember correctly, less than a week ago.
Covers CJRS v2 superbly

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